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About Lark Miller

Lark has competed at a semi-professional level in XC skiing, road cycling, and mountain biking. His passion for fitness and teaching extends back to his early days cycling, skiing, playing tennis and running in the countryside of Western Massachusetts. His certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist allows him to train you like a professional athlete. Visit the Infinite Fitness web site for more information about Lark and his personal training services.

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Joslyn Hamilton of Outside Eye Consulting

Thursday, September 10, 2015 -

My Recommendations for Exercise Order

Exercise order is the least important of all the variables you can manipulate in your exercise routine. However, there is such a thing as correct exercise order.

One of the most disputed things about exercise order is when the stretching should be done. Some think cold stretching at the beginning of a workout is best because the tougher, thicker connective fibers get a better stretch when cold and not as soft. Others believe that warming up with exercise should be done before stretching cold muscles.

Personally, I think the arguments for "cold stretching" are weak. I was myself an advocate for this method for a few years—with my clients and also in my own exercise routine—and saw decent results. But I now prefer to stretch at the end of the workout when I'm all warmed up.

This is the exercise order I recommend and follow with my Infinite Fitness one-hour workouts. I'm also including some of my favorite exercises for each section of the workout.

Warm up — 10 min

  1. Foam roll: back, glutes, hip flexors, IT band, quads, inner thigh, calves
  2. Mobility: ankle, hip, spine, shoulder, wrist, neck
  3. Dynamic movement: plyometrics, Med ball, coordination drills, side hops, agility ladder

Power — 10 min

Heavy, fast lifts: hang-cleans, one-arm DB snatch, squat hop rows, dynamax

Strength — 20 min

  1. Push
  2. Legs
  3. Pull
  4. Core 

Cardio — 10 min

Intervals: jump-rope, airdyne, slide-board, stair-stepper, bike, battling rope, rowing, hill sprints

Stretch — 10 min

All major muscle groups